Gout Treating Secrets from Home

Dear Friend,
Gout is a very problematic type of arthritis. As you know arthritis is usually divided into two forms: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Both are very painful and though doctors have found a way to distinguish one from the other, gout is somewhere in between.

Medical scientists have been successful with creating various treatments for arthritis. Gouty arthritis is not different, in that it appears when uric acid levels have built up in the bloodstream. This excessive uric acid will then form clusters or crystals at the joint sockets. This physiological manifestation is what we call gout.

As for the types of treatments that have been created to combat the pain, swelling, and debilitating nature of this disease is nothing to sneeze at. Millions of people in the United States alone account for a lot of pain and suffering from this disease. Some people try surgery, physical therapy, water aerobics, pain reliever medications and then there are those that just suffer with it.

You no longer have to suffer with the effects of gout. Right now, probably in your kitchen cupboard are home remedies that have been proven effective over the years. These are however not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but then again they do not need it.

Here is what I mean…

Gout is nothing more than arthritis which presents as inflammation in the joints. Common gout home treatments include the use of food stuffs like, certain fruits, natural vegetables, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals along with natural herbs to name a few.

Gout Relief from Fruits

It used to be said when I was  a child that an apple a day keeps the dentist away. We have all heard of that rhyme. But did you know that eating an apple or two a day will really keep your gouty inflammation in check. Just imagine the enjoyable pleasure of eating fresh fruits and getting all kinds of relief from your symptoms. For best results, eat the apples right after eating your meals. You could also serve up bananas, strawberries, and even cherries (black or wild) will work wonders on your inflammation.

Super Simple Gout Relief Juices

Several of the fruits can be combined with vegetables for a powerful cocktail. If you want to get going on this in a simple way here is a shopping list.

  • Lemons
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Black Cherries
  • French beans (aka string beans)

If you can do this just once, try to mix and match a few or a couple of the fruits along with a vegetable. Their is a drink called V8 juice that uses this tactic to sell millions of dollars .

Most health food stores stock pure cherry concentrate, which is also very useful for preventing/treating gout. Another health-friendly juice good for gouty symptoms is that of French beans (also known as String beans); half a cup of this juice should be taken daily for its effective action against gout.

As you can see, this is one power packed beverage. You will have no probable with finishing the laundry or the accounting project due on your bosses desk in the morning after drinking this.